Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win

Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win


Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win


Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win


Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win


Prix du Public UBS: Vote and win


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Choose your favorite film in the Piazza Grande and win an iPad Air.

It won't just be the official jury handing out prizes at the Festival. Every night, during the 10 Festival days, the audience in the Piazza Grande will also be a jury, voting to decide the winner of the “Prix du Public UBS”.

You, the Festival audience, can rate each film on site in the Piazza Grande. Use your smartphone to record your vote, or fill in one of the cards handed out when you enter the Piazza and place it in one of the dedicated ballot boxes found at the exits. The film that receives the highest public rating will win the “Prix du Public UBS” worth 30,000 Swiss francs. The “Prix du Public UBS” will be presented at the official awards ceremony on Saturday, August 15, 2015 in the Piazza Grande.

You can collect your own “Prix du Public UBS” gift, when you hand in your voting card, or by showing your smartphone voting confirmation at the exits from the Piazza Grande.

There will also be a daily prize draw, for all those voting, where you have the chance to win an iPad Air. Winners of the daily prize draw will be announced on and in the daily Festival Newspaper PardoLive. All winners will also be informed personally by Locarno Festival. Prizes can be collected at the Piazza Grande branch of UBS during the Festival, or will be sent on to you by mail.

UBS and the Locarno Festival have been honored to award an annual prize for filmmaking on behalf of the Festival audience for more than 10 years. Previous winners of the “Prix du Public UBS” have included films such as Bend it like Beckham, The Syrian Bride, Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), Monsieur Lazhar, Lore and Schweizer Helden.

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Final winners

Jacqueline Engler · 8400 Winterthur (Schweiz)

Andreas von Allmen · 3822 Lauterbrunnen (Schweiz)

Daily winner

3 | 8 | 2016 · Damian Amacker · 3952 Susten (Schweiz)

4 | 8 | 2016 · Brigitte Büchenbacher · 4493 Wenslingen (Schweiz)

5 | 8 | 2016 · Tino Langjahr · 6010 Kriens (Schweiz)

6 | 8 | 2016 · Robin Jaunin · 1007 Lausanne (Schweiz)

7 | 8 | 2016 · Luzius Hafen · 6020 Emmenbrücke (Schweiz)

8 | 8 | 2016 · Daniele Gisler · 6648 Minusio (Schweiz)

9 | 8 | 2016 · Dalia Gelfer · 6648 Minusio (Schweiz)

10 | 8 | 2016 · Nicha Fivian · 3006 Berna (Schweiz)

11 | 8 | 2016 · Anja Ureta · 6648 Minusio (Schweiz)

12 | 8 | 2016 · Ralph Hofer · 3073 Gumlingen (Schweiz)

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