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Pardo d’oro Special Jury Prize – Shinji Aoyama

<i>Tokyio Koen</i> – Shinji Aoyama
Tokyio Koen – Shinji Aoyama
Shinji Aoyama, director of <i>Tokyo Koen</i> (Japan)
Shinji Aoyama, director of Tokyo Koen (Japan)
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Shinji Aoyama, director of Tokyio Koen

“Tokyo Koen is a film built on feelings and relationships. For me it’s a sort of novelty. It was the producer of the film that made me discover the works of Yukiya Shôji and asked me if I’d wanted to adapt his novel for the screen. After reading it, I thought it was exactly the kind of film that I wanted to make. Recently, Japan went through terrible tragedies, and I wanted to avoid talking about them, and make a different film, with no mention of those terrible facts.”

“I wanted to re-discover classica Japanese cinema, those films made after World War II in order to forget about the horrors of the conflict. They inspired me in making a film less experimental, but more appealing and light.”

“Tokyo is a metropolis with a very long history, it’s a bit of an anarchic city, without a center, very different from the concept of great European cities. In many ways, it’s Nature, with its parks, that glues together the different layers that build this city. It’s on this concept that I wanted to put my gaze.”

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